Magic Gem

Magic Gem is a puzzle game about matching pieces and colors
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Magic Gem is a puzzle game about matching pieces and colors. When the game begins you can choose to play either in Survival mode or Quest mode. In survival mode it will test your ability to stay alive as long as possible. Quest mode introduces a small story about the game and each level you pass will show another part of the story.

The game includes an options area to configure the music volume and display of tips. Help, high-scores, and credits can be reached from the main menu as well.

As in any other color matching game, your task will be to match several crystal pieces in the board by dragging them to another piece of the same color. You need at least three pieces combined to complete a match, and every time pieces are removed your score will rise and more pieces will fall. Just like in Tetris, if the columns reach the top, the game ends.

Playing in quest mode it's basically the same task, but you get a small background story. First level begins with a pirate ship sailing from one point to another, after each level more clues and information about the story are revealed.

Sometimes you'll get a lightning bonus which will destroy an entire column instantaneously. Each level in quest mode has five sub-levels, and the last sub-level is a bit different to the rest.

One thing to mention about this game is its beautiful pictures. Every level has a background image which describes at some point the level you're playing. These pictures are so beautiful that they will be one of the reasons why you'll keep playing, just to see which is the next one.

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  • Amazing and beautiful background images
  • Small but entertaining story


  • Actual game type is way too common



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